IoT Weaknesses

Is your IoT device secure? According to one of my favorite cyber security authors there’s a new BIG vulnerability for IoT devices. It’s really important that you properly secure the devices, and with regards to the devices he lists… simply don’t use them!

So what can you do to secure you IoT devices? Here are some steps we’d recommend:

  • Change the Default Username and Password
  • Setup a firewall that protects them
  • Update firmware on the devices
  • Avoid any devices that are on his list (See link below)

More info here: 

The Cloud is not as Secure as you Think

A recent data breach was found affecting 80 Million US households (article here for the report). This 24GB of data was found unprotected on a Microsoft Azure server. This brings up one of the two myths that people believe about cloud security, that the cloud is secure and you don’t have to think about what you’re putting up there. This simply isn’t the case. If you don’t secure the cloud, it won’t be secure.

Here are some initial steps you need to do to secure the cloud:

  1. Turn on and configure built-in security services
    1. Microsoft Azure: (
    2. AWS: 
  2. Update your platform when patches are availible
  3. Enable TFA on your logins

2019 Threat Look

Sonicwall just published their great Threat Report.

I’d strongly recommend it

Here are some of the highlights:

Industries attacked:

Malware Attacks

Attacks by Country

Types of Attacks


The Death of Windows 7

In case you didn’t know, Windows 7 will be decommissioned and unsupported come January of next year. You’ll need to plan on upgrading these bad boys (I have two) or replacing them. But, I wanted to take this time to walk down memory lane with Windows 7.

In true Microsoft fashion, Windows 7 was an operating system that replaced a terrible version (remember Vista?), they seem to get this right every other time. It was released in 2009. Here are some of features you’ve probably come to take for granted that were introduced in Windows 7:

  • “Pinned” programs on the taskbar
  • “Snapping” windows to the sides of the screen
  • “Shake” to minimize all windows except the one you’re shaking

Rest in Peace